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Birthdate:Oct 30
[info]bioathens was born on a stormy night on a small island hovering above classical Greece. Her parents probably did not include Poseidon.

[info]bioathens sometimes writes stories about gay people having sex! Hey, man, if you don't wanna know her, she don't wanna know you.

[info]bioathens does not believe in spoilers, and thinks you doth protest too much.

[info]bioathens will friend you if you friend her, and take you off if you're a jackass. But it's not like she makes friends-locked posts anyways.

[info]bioathens is gay, but she also likes pretty people. If you ask she'll say she's aesthetic-sexual.

[info]bioathens doesn't own any TV shows or their characters. Come on people, this should be obvious by now.

[info]bioathens can be reached

[info]bioathens is not divisible by 3.

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athens, experiments, experiments in fiction, experiments in fictional themes, experiments in thematic fiction, experiments in themes, fiction, fiction in experimental themes, fiction in experiments, fiction in thematic experiments, fiction in themes, themes, themes in experimental fiction, themes in experiments, themes in fiction, themes in fictional experiments, zithers
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